With globalization in its full grandeur, the effect was/is felt everywhere. In every nook and corners of the world the need was felt to improvise and improve with the help of quality education in every field we human is using to make this wonderful earth a better place to dwell in. And to make this Earth a better place to live in it’s the human brain which should be educated and trained properly and perfectly, which will operate/manage/improve and make this earth more beautiful for the human beings everywhere in every field of human comfort. Now, each and every individual feels that his or her wards/children must get quality education to meet the challenge of the changing time. We have tried to put the initial step keeping in mind not only   education but quality education to be imparted/taught as well as Indian culture/regional culture, sports, music and every co-curricular activities which will provide all round development of the student so that they can mold themselves in any circumstances in the future race for existence. It was also felt to provide computer education to each and every individual of the upcoming generation so that they may not lag behind in this vogue of Computer Education. Keeping in mind a desire to help the upcoming generation by imparting quality education we formed GYANUDAY SCHOOL PARICHALANA SAMITY under whose banner we established a premier educational institute “ASIAN PUBLIC SCHOOL to provide quality education at its best to help the local children & local people of North Lakhimpur to delve deep into the world of knowledge and education. Though a minute effort we hope to grow endlessly and extend our service to those who strives for it.  

       * HISTORY :

  It is the era when the old gave away the torch of new technology to the young generation. We started our institute “ASIAN    PUBLIC SCHOOL” at Ward No.14, in the heart of North Lakhimpur town in a rented building, and had successfully completed nearly two and half years, starting with 105 students which has now increased to 320 students. Gyanuday School Parichalana Samity is basically a co-operative society, which thrives on its ability to generate and cultivate ideas. Formed recently in the year 2005, we have already proved our credentials in the field of Education and our endeavor had met its first stage in its never ending development with good knowledge and skills of imparting quality education to meet the demands of the changing era.  We have completed our own infrastructure for the premier institute in our own land (12 Bighas) by 2009 at Ward No.14, of North Lakhimpur town in the district of  Lakhimpur.

Executive Summary:

Vision: The Gyanuday School Parichalana Samity in its first board meeting on 20th August 2005 at G.C. Bora Complex, K.B. Road, Ward No-11, North Lakhimpur had planned to run an English Medium School named and styled as Asian Public School with CBSE course. According to the plan it established the school at Khelmati, in the heart of North Lakhimpur town in a rented house and the school’s session started from 29th January 2006, Classes starting from Nursery to Class-V. Since its inception Gyanuday School Parichalana Samity had organized two Annual Board meeting to discuss its future agenda. The Gyanuday School Parichalana Samity in its 3rd Annual Board meeting on 20th April 2008 discussed the future prospect of the school and decided to construct the school building and related infrastructure in its own plot of land for the affiliation of CBSE. The Samity aimed to upgrade one class each year and which will be upgraded to 12th standard and give special coaching classes for various competitive examinations and will conduct personality development programs and career counseling too.


  1. Grow rich but grow with us is the motto that inspired the six partners to establish the Gyanuday School Parichalana Samity to run the school named above in the district of Lakhimpur Assam.
  2.  It aims at generating human resource with sound and all round knowledge to become a good citizen of our country.
  3. It dreams of giving an education, which will bring the overall development to shape the personality of the Indian children with moral, intellectual, physical and mental ability.

The annual report reflects the attitude of Asian Public School, its accomplishment in imparting quality education in these two academic years. This also helps us to measure how far still we have to mount up to achieve the targeted goal. The huge rush during the admission makes one hardly to believe that the school is succeeding to get the desired destination. Every year we have to turn away many faces perturbed because of the limited infrastructure to accommodate the children. Even then parents never lose faith. They come in the subsequent year seeking admission for their wards in the next higher class. The tender lads and lasses entering the school with all their innocence is coming out as laudable citizens to face any challenges of the life. In short, it helps to manifest the perfection, which is inherent in the child. Also, a considerable share goes to Asian Public School in having raised the present literacy rate of Assam, India. With a humble beginning of Asian Public School in 2005 and the academic session started on 29th January 2006, from Nursery to Class-IV with 105 students. In the year 2007 we had 218 students and had started class V as per our vision of upgradation. At present we have 320 students and have started Class-VI accordingly. Every year we are upgrading one higher class and measures have been taken to upgrade the school up to Higher Secondary level, which will be affiliated to CBSE. The three years of experience in the field of imparting value based all round education to the children given us the confidence to march forward with new plans and aspirations. All our efforts and concentration would be towards contributing our best for the welfare of students of the State of Assam. So, in order to make this budding institute an epitome of quality education we want some financial help from any financial institution to meet the demands to construct the infrastructure of the school in the stipulated time so that we can afford to get the affiliation from CBSE at the earliest convenience. The school has been doing its best to accomplish its goal of “ Man Making and Nation Building” in shaping the future healthy citizens powered with self-confidence, ingrained with positive attitudes and values soaked with intense love for the country and its people so that they can stand on his/her own foot and go out to face the world boldly in the changing era.  

Mission Objectives:

1.      Aims to establish English Medium School under CBSE course in the district of Lakhimpur and elsewhere in the State of Assam to give quality education and value education.

2.       Aims to enhance personality development of the juvenile intellectually, mentally and physically.

3.      Aims to provide coaching classes for various competitive examinations and other professional courses by inviting experienced teachers from reputed institutes of our country to get quality education to meet the demands of the era.

4.      Aims to impart education on Sports/Literature /Art/Music etc.

5.      Aims to impart training on group discussion and career counseling.

6.      Aims to provide Internet facility to the students to understand the term Globalization and IT education, e-governance and e-education etc.

7.      Aims to provide educational tours to the best and reputed institute of our country.

8.      Aims to train the pupils to Earn while you learn.

9.      Aims to provide hostel facilities and other facilities for students of distant places.

Mission Strategy: To achieve the above objectives the Samity would adopt following strategies.

                                I.      The Samity has to acquire its own land and construct the infrastructure of the school.

                             II.      The Samity has to manage and appoint qualified and well-experienced teachers to run the school smoothly and to impart quality education and education on e-media.

                           III.      The Samity has to provide Books, copies, tools and equipments, science lab, mathematics lab, computer lab and other accessories for running the school.

                          IV.      The Samity has to manage the preliminary and pre-operative expenses and the margin money to establish the school.  


                        As a general trend prevalent elsewhere in the country, parents prefer to send their children to an academic institution which caters to most of their learning needs under a single roof and helps them to develop their future prospect. Asian Public School which is situated at Ward No.14, Lakhimpur, Assam had been catering to the parents’ aspirations up to the best of their satisfaction and it has proved itself a trust worthy institution in the long range. It has a fair value of good will attached with it due to the better performance of its students in academic as well as extra curricular activities. These types of schools have added advantage of close monitoring of the overall development of the students on the parents part and reduced cost on the account of the administrative and maintenance of cost on the part of the school. This proposal have been thoughtfully chosen for construction of the school building where the Samity has own a plot of land duly registered with the Government of Assam. It is strategically located in a peaceful atmosphere suitable for such an institution. Considering the overall scenario with a keen approach towards profitability and service factor the proposed unit will satisfactorily cater to the potential need of the institution as well as the potential entrepreneurs of the State who will be associated for various supplies for the school. With all these advantages the complex for the school will be constructed at the earliest to get the affiliation of the CBSE. Gradual diversification with a well-balanced approach towards horizontal growth along with vertical growth have been envisaged and adequately reflected in the project proposal.


                        Lack of educational awareness in the past and resulting constricted employment opportunity has confined the opportunity as government service and supply contractors to various Government departments. This vicious circle is creating a heavy burden on the Government to cater to the employment needs of the State. Since austerity measures proclaimed by Ministry of Finance has banned further post creation in Government departments, it is further aggravating the employment scenario in the State. The proposed unit will effectively cater to their needs as it does not require highly professional or higher educational background to cater to its manpower need. Setting up of a school complex, which will have a decent size and dimension, will throng open employment opportunities for the prospective entrepreneurs of the State. It will have 22 persons recruited within its enclosure in the first year of its planned operation. Thus catering to the needs of around 50 families at its minimum. With its proposed proliferation of services on different accounts more employment generation avenues are bound to come up. During its initiation year it will provide direct employment opportunities to 50 persons, which will further rise with the development of the school.